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Thank Gaddafi It’s Friday!

Good morning, despots! And to those of you in the Nigerian Government, good morning tosspots! (See what I did there?) Thank you so very much for your kind suggestion that I should step down, but I don’t think I’ll be taking advice from … Continue reading

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Notes From A Large Bunker

Good morning, despots everywhere! It’s Day Three of my glorious Underground Lair campaign and I’d like to thank you all for your continuing messages of support. Also I’d like to take the opportunity to answer a few of your questions. … Continue reading

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Lair du Temps

Good morning once more, despots! It’s Day Two in my Underground Lair and already the prospect of spending another day playing Despotic Scrabble with Saif and Mohammed is beginning to pall. For those of you who don’t know, Despotic Scrabble … Continue reading

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Going underground…

Good morning, despots of the world! I write to you today from my Underground Lair at an undisclosed location in Tripoli, from where I am determined to fight like a tiger until victory is mine, or die like a martyr with the entrails … Continue reading

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Saving The Home Secretary’s Arse

With riots in major cities escalating over the past few days, it seems that looting and arson have become de rigeur as part of a decent night out on the town for today’s youngsters. Rioting’s appeal for the gangs of … Continue reading

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