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Star Wars

US-FRANCE RELATIONS DETERIORATE Tensions between France and the United States are running at an all time high after President Obama sent John Kerry and James Taylor to smooth over diplomatic relations last week. The uninvited rendition of “You’ve Got a … Continue reading

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A Conversation With God

“Well,” I say, somewhat hesitantly. “This is awkward.” God raises an enquiring eyebrow: “How so?” “Well, what with me being an atheist and all…” God throws up a self-deprecatory hand. “Oh that!” He says. “Think nothing of it. Water off … Continue reading

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Fragile 2

Watching the events in France these past few days made me remember the Japanese Tsunami and the blog I wrote at the time: It isn’t that the Islamic terrorists caused anywhere near the amount of carnage of which Mother Nature is capable. … Continue reading

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