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Mr Smith Goes To LALALAND

Yesterday I went with my wife to watch LALALAND. I suspect my blog is not eagerly sought out by Trump-leaning folk, but any readers of that mindset will already be thinking “There’s another sad, liberal snowflake in thrall to his … Continue reading

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Launch Code of the Woosters

With apologies to the great P.G. Wodehouse. “I say, Jeeves! What do you make of this Trump fellow?” For perhaps a millisecond, the great man paused in the act of pouring my constitutional snifter. A less keen eye might have … Continue reading

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Should Auld Acquaintance…

This blog has been recycled from a previous blog. Recycling is good for the environment. Fact. It’s Burns Night and later, after a few snifters, those of a more Scottish persuasion will no doubt be singing Auld Lang Syne. But what … Continue reading

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A Vision in a Dream. A Figment

My spirit guide, Bob, has been knocking urgently on my astral door ever since the inauguration. Seems Samuel Taylor Coleridge was on the Ethereal Blower with this report from the Other Side. In Washington did Donald Trump A stately pleasure-dome … Continue reading

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Don’t Panic! The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Donald J. Trump

With apologies to Douglas Adams It has been remarked by members of a certain bipedal species that The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – despite being an indispensable repository of occasionally accurate knowledge for the intergalactic traveller – is somewhat … Continue reading

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